Alkaline vs. Acidic Diet

One of the biggest killers in North America is our diet. We eat way too many acidic foods. Acidic foods are high animal protein foods such as meat, eggs, and dairy products. We also eat acid producing processed food like white flour and sugar, and drink too much coffee and soft drinks.

Over 150 degenerative diseases are caused by TOO HIGH OF acidic levels in your body fluids. Cancers, osteoporosis, heart disease, kidney stones, and gall stones to name only a few.

If we were to adjust our diets to 60 to 80 % (volume of food) alkaline foods, and 20 to 40 % acid foods we would not need a lot of the health care that is in place today. (Probably 60% alkaline/40% acidic to maintain health, 80% alkaline /20% acidic to RETAIN a healthy state)

Human blood should be slightly alkaline for us to be healthy 7.35 to 7.45 PH in the blood. You can monitor the ph of the body with a simple home test kit of litmus or nitrozine paper (7 ph is the ph of water).

Alkaline foods are most fruit and vegetables. Very high acid forming foods that should be consumed rarely or not at all (artificial sweeteners, beef, carbonized soft drinks , cigarettes, drugs, flour (white, wheat), pastries and cake from white flour, pork, sugar, beer).

As well as diet, stress plays a role in keeping our body fluids too acidic. Keeping a positive outlook on life will add years to your life.

Regular exercise is also a very important key to maintaining a healthy body. Find exercises you will ENJOY doing - that is the key to keeping up with a regular routine, and don't be afraid to change them when they get to boring.



                     Alkaline = GOOD

                   Alkaline = GOOD

Bob is a good friend, strength & fitness expert, and TTF Instructor.  As you can see can't argue with results!
       Bob Bradshaw

      Bob Bradshaw